Dear Teen Mania Alumni,

We’ve brought the Alumni Association back to life!

The purpose of the association is to help enlarge Christ’s influence in the lives of Alumni, help keep Alumni in the know about what’s going on with Teen Mania, and help to network and connect Alumni in their personal, spiritual, and professional journey. When it is fully developed, our website will host vast amounts of user-created content, exclusive content provided by Ron Luce and other Teen Mania staff just for our members, a jobs bank, an Alumni database for looking up old friends, and many other exciting features.

I want to emphasize that this is a member-created, member-driven association which is a completely separate organization from Teen Mania. However, we are working closely with Teen Mania to ensure that there is a vibrant and thriving link between Teen Mania and the Alumni body.

While there are many details yet to be worked out, we can announce that we will operate as a dues-paying, membership-based organization similar to a university or professional association. All Alumni will still be Alumni, but only dues-paying members will be members of the Alumni Association.

Many will ask why we will charge membership dues. It’s a fair question. The fact is, most educational and professional alumni associations charge dues because it’s not free to create, maintain, and run such an organization. The Alumni Board and Advisory Council will be made up of volunteers who won’t take a salary or stipend to do the job. But there will still be costs for creating and hosting content, web development, outreach, and events. We can’t pay this out of our own pockets. In order to meet those costs we will ask Alumni who use the site and access the content to help cover the costs. We will be open and transparent with the finances and will institute an annual reporting mechanism to ensure that our members know how their money is being used.

I also want to be clear that we are not in any way trying to supplant the existing HA Alumni page on Facebook. Since the Alumni site will not feature a discussion board or comments section following blogs or articles, we encourage people to continue the robust discussion on the Facebook page.

We recognize that some Alumni will not want to pay for membership but still may wish to access content on the website. For those Alumni we will have a public section with basic level content. When they’re ready they can purchase membership.

We are in the process of rounding out our team and putting together more complete information for you including our governing structure, future plans, benefits of membership, and membership registration. If you are interested in learning more about the new Teen Mania Alumni Association, please fill out the form on this page and we will reach out soon with more information. Also be sure to check out the FAQ section in the sidebar on the right.

Thanks for checking out our website and stay tuned for more!


Nathanael Ferguson
Teen Mania Alumni Association

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