Breaking News From Ron Luce on Teen Mania’s Future Plans & Alumni Reunion

Dear Intern Alumni Family,

As you are reading this, we are in the middle of making some very exciting announcements to all the current interns and graduate interns at the Honor Academy regarding not just our move to Dallas, but fundamental changes in the internship. We wanted you to be some of the very first to know this, which is why I am emailing you right now.

Over the past six to eight months we have been doing a lot of deep thinking regarding the nature of the Honor Academy program and what we want to make sure we are accomplishing while people are here for one or two years or more. As time and culture changes, it is necessary to change programs to fulfill the mission we are called to accomplish. With the internship, our goal has been to provide:

  • Spiritual substance and fire for long term sustainability in people’s future walk with God.
  • Leadership and training so that no matter what realm of life people are called into, they are equipped to be change-agents.
  • Structure that trains and develops each intern spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally.

While these remain constant, how we facilitate that training has taken on different formats over the years. We are excited to announce a number of changes that we think will facilitate these objectives, as well as some other very important objectives as we go into the future and with our Dallas headquarters. Some of the changes include:

  • Dramatically reduced ministry placement hours.
  • Allowing and highly encouraging interns to take twelve hours of online college credit per semester while they are interns.
  • A person taking twelve units will work ten hours a week in ministry placement. Someone not taking college classes will work twenty-two hours in ministry placement (the added value of taking college classes is that people can apply for FASFA, and use it to pay for their college expenses and use leftover Pell Grants and other financial aid to help pay for their internship).
  • Interns will live in beautiful apartment facilities (Two interns in each apartment room) with many of the amenities that are afforded in apartment communities (this will cause those interns who lived in the dormitories tell the war stories to future interns of how we used to walk uphill in the snow both ways. Like many of you heard the interns before you in Tulsa share stories of how hard it was for them and what a good and easy life you had).
  • One of the things we are trying to accomplish is to help people stay focused on their college advancement while they are still interns. We feel that it is so important and we do not want interns to lose a year or two. If you add twelve units a semester plus the units they can earn from ORU, Regent or other schools we have articulation agreements with, they literally lose no time at all.
  • The first year of the internship will become a nine month program from September through May. Second and third year interns will still have a twelve month program.
  • In addition we will have regular outreaches to the Dallas community that all interns and graduate interns will participate in weekly.
  • We will offer a new class ensuring interns get the fundamentals of the Christian faith strongly embedded in their lives. Also, we will align them with opportunities to lead in their second semester. These small groups will have a chance to lead people to Christ and disciple them during their year in this internship.

These are just a few of the changes that we are excited about. As you can see there are many that are fundamentally different in terms of the structure. As a result we are looking forward to announce that just as in other seasons, changes have been made to the extent that has warranted name changes, and now we are excited to announce a name change as well. The program known as the Honor Academy will cease to exist as of this August graduation. However, the internship at Teen Mania will continue with a new program and structure as I have indicated above, along with so many other exciting features. The new program will be known as the Acquire the Fire Leadership Institute. We have been advised that from a branding/business perspective, it makes a lot more sense since more people know of Acquire the Fire, and more people’s lives have been touched by Acquire the Fire as many of you had been before you came to be an intern.

Please pray for us as we are in the final preparations of this brand new season of Teen Mania. One question that might come to mind that maybe all of you are asking right now is, “How in the world will everything get done that needs to get done if interns are only working ten hours a week?” I’m glad you ask. As you may have seen in some of my other letters, the organizational structure of Teen Mania is undergoing radical change right now to facilitate a more focused and businesslike environment. What we have chosen to do as we make our move to Dallas is to staff Teen Mania with professionals that accomplish the mission of Teen Mania, and they carry the weight of the success of the organization. Many of our staff functions will be outsourced to professional organizations that specialize in their respective skill sets and the staff that we do have will carry the weight of driving the mission forward as interns continue to give ten or twenty-two hours of their time each week. The interns will be adding ministry value as they pray for people on the phones, encourage people along the way, and do various other ministry value placements that are going to be more of what an intern would want to do anyways. In addition, you can imagine that many of the “facilities” type jobs that were necessary to run a campus are no longer necessary so more interns will be deployed directly into ministry value placements.

I am looking forward to seeing many of you at the Alumni Reunion. Many of the details are described below, and please note that we are having an open town hall type meeting with all the alumni that come to field questions about Teen Mania’s past, present, and future plans. We feel that you’ve poured your life and heart to Teen Mania, and you deserve much more explicit details about our past, present, and future plans and circumstances than person or article could possible describe.

In addition we have invited Dave Hasz to come to share at the reunion!  He is very eager to come, but is not able to commit at this time.  He is trying to rearrange some things at his present workplace so he can come to be with us.  We will let you know as soon as he is able to confirm.

Alumni Reunion Details

Due to the overwhelming requests for a final Teen Mania Alumni Reunion celebration on campus before Teen Mania moves to Dallas, we want to extend a warm invitation to you and your family to join us in Garden Valley, Texas from August 9th-11th.   We are hosting a three day, illustrious celebration of the Honor Academy.  We encourage you to bring your spouse and children to celebrate all of the amazing things God has done over the years.

We’d love for you to come no matter what year you were an intern (including the Tulsa years) and whatever status you left including 1st year Interns, Graduate Interns and even those who didn’t complete their internship.  No matter what has happened in your life since your time at Teen Mania and whatever challenges you may have faced, we’d still like for you to come and be with us during these days of celebration.

There is a common thread we all share that runs through all of the years of the Honor Academy Internship (including the Tulsa days) and our desire to follow Christ and make a difference in this world.  Even though we may have grown distant over the years and might not know some people from other seasons of the ministry, this will be a great opportunity to reconnect and meet others who share this same DNA and passion for Christ.

Katie and I are excited to spend August 9th-11th celebrating with you, reminiscing, playing, and feasting together.

Some of the details of what we will experience together are…

  • Dedication and Prayer Service/Banquet at new Teen Mania Headquarters in Dallas
  • Bonfire on Campus with Worship
  • High Ropes (if you dare)
  • Potential Special Visit and Message from David Hasz
  • Swimming and Celebrating in the pool
  • Worship Services led by various worship leaders over the years
  • Barbecue feast and water fun at Ron and Katie’s house
  • Corporate Exercise (just for the fun of it)
  • Opportunities to stay in the dorms again to house you and your children (if you want)
  •  “Town Hall Meeting” with myself fielding questions regarding Teen Mania’s vision going forward
  • Marriage Workshop for you and your spouse conducted by Katie and I
  • Entrepreneur Workshop led by Teen Mania Alumni Business Leaders

Don’t worry!   We are not going to over-program the weekend!   We’ll have lots of time for fellowship and reminiscing by class or by interests throughout our time together.  Please note that some people may be wondering, “Are we coming to the Alumni Reunion so that we can help move the ministry?”  This is definitely not the case.  Teen Mania will have already moved and be operational in our new headquarters in Dallas by then. We will be in our final weeks of occupying the campus and are excited to welcome you back for this Alumni celebration.

Please note that by the grace of God, we have crossed the Three Million Mark for Acquire the Fire, something you have all been a part of that we will celebrate together!  I am looking forward to seeing you for this final celebration at the Garden Valley Campus.

Consumed by the Call,


Ron Luce

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