Teen Mania Suspends Internship For One Year; Creates Go Teams

Teen Mania asked the Alumni Association to pass along this info as an item of interest to the Alumni body. What follows is the text of an internal email sent to staff at TM informing them of new changes. Obviously this brings up many questions – many of which have been asked in the Facebook forum – that the email neither addresses nor was intended to address. Taking that in consideration, what follows is the full text of the email. For questions regarding how this may impact the people who would have been attending the Internship starting in August, contact HA Director Jeff Pruett.

For nearly 30 years, Teen Mania has worked passionately to reach the youth of America with the Good News of Jesus Christ, and to build a bold army of young people who will live for Christ and change the world with His Love.

Thousands of young people from across America and the world are a part of this tribe that has and is changing the world with the love of Christ. We are humbled that that journey started in some small way here through Teen Mania Ministries.
The fact is, investing in today’s young generation is one of the most important investments that any of us can make—church or individual—in the Kingdom of God. And this may just be one of the most important times in history to stand up and revolutionize our future.

The spirit of God is at work powerfully today to woo and win the hearts of today’s young people—and has opened a window of opportunity to Teen Mania International. To better position ourselves for increased global activity, we have secured office ministry space in the Dallas area and in the weeks ahead we will complete the relocation of Teen Mania.

As we are nearing transitional relocation and ramping up efforts for our operational headquarters move next month, some decisions have been prayerfully weighed about what our ministry programs will look like as we continue full force in the pursuit of reaching a generation with all we’ve got.

In an effort to pursue excellence in this time of relocation and retooling the 1st year internship for the 2014-2015 year will take a term of suspension for 1 year. We will be using this time for relocation, retooling and program development for the birth of a unique urban type of ministry of Acquire the Fire Leadership Institute.

As well, we have some exciting ministry road team opportunities for our 2nd year interns. Teen Mania International will have the opportunity to hit the road and meet face to face young people around the county in churches, schools, coffee shops and Acquire the Fire’s events across the nation this year through a unique opportunity called Teen Mania International GO TEAMS.

This unique internship opportunity offers a grass roots team to be a part of a relevant ministry team leading the revolution of young people through face to face ministry and social media while on the road in major cities across the country.

GO TEAMS will travel across the country ministering while on the road, at coffee shops, through social media, Acquire the Fire events, Christian schools, churches and youth groups across on a Revolution Tour for this Generation! Cultivate relationships, minister on the road, pray and lead ministry at live events, meet face to face with youth leaders and youth groups, pray with homeless people on the street and have revival at coffee houses along the way. GO TEAMS are a new breed of missionary. Jesus was no ordinary minister and He met people where they were at and He came for all; He is calling us to do the same. You will stop and minister to the one but believe Him for the masses.

We look forward to what God will do as we continue to reach the nations in relevant ways through and with this generation changing the world with the radical love of Jesus Christ.