Autumn Update From Ron

“Great is Thy faithfulness! Great is Thy faithfulness!
Morning by morning new mercies I see;
All I have needed Thy hand hath provided—
Great is Thy faithfulness, Lord, unto me!”

October 2014

Wow! As we approach the Thanksgiving season, I’m reminded of the lyrics of this great hymn. Through good times and challenging ones, we have so very much to be thankful for here at Teen Mania International—God is so completely and utterly faithful!

We have been through many changes this past year, but we continue to strive to do one thing: to follow the call that the Lord has given us. I’m grateful for your prayers and support for the ministry, especially over the last several months as we transitioned from our campus in Garden Valley to our new ministry home in Dallas/Fort Worth. We’re already experiencing the value of being close to other ministries, churches, and denominational headquarters, and are seeing many new relationships established!

Exciting Transitions and Improvements
As we enter our new fiscal year, I want to share some of the exciting transitions that we have initiated. I hope you will recognize our continued efforts to make the ministry a stronger ministry for His glory. The same heart, passion, and objective that first drew you to Teen Mania as an intern is alive and well at Teen Mania today: Our heartbeat is to provoke a generation to passionately pursue Jesus and take His life-giving message to the ends of the earth!

With the move to Dallas, the ministry has continued to tweak and refine our organizational processes. We are working diligently on getting a good rhythm and stride—not just here at our new location, but with regards to improving our organizational paradigm and internal operations.

Pursuing God’s Dream for Teen Mania
Today, as we continue to pursue God’s dream, we remind ourselves that we are in the people business—reaching and revolutionizing a young generation and turning them into world changers! As we stay focused on this mission, we want to become increasingly more efficient and effective.

One of these improvements involves the rescheduling of fall Acquire The Fire (ATF) events and combining them into the spring tours so they route more efficiently, making all ATF events occur between January and May each year. This shuffling of the schedule allows our ATF team to focus on different aspects of the ATF events throughout the year—venue partnerships and talent selection in the summer, banquets in the fall, and events in the spring. This new approach will allow us to have different seasons where the staff can focus on making each event, whether a banquet or an ATF, as amazing as possible.

Changes in Outreach Marketing
In our effort to be more responsive to the communication preferences of today, we’re also changing the way we reach out to people. In today’s marketplace, leaders prefer less phone calls and more opportunities to simply “click and respond” online. They’re spending more time on social media platforms and websites, so we’re shifting our communication platform away from the use of a Call Center and more towards a digital and e-marketing strategy that we’re reinforcing with radio advertising and networking with pastors and churches.

As we move forward, the bulk of the marketing and operations for ATF will now be managed from Nashville, TN, the touring entertainment capitol of the United States. Various members of our staff have relocated there and will work with our partners based there to assist us in producing the next-generation of ATF events.

Development of a Next-Generation Internship Program and Extreme Camps
Another key change is the development of a next-generation internship program. We want an internship program that goes beyond the local level. We are developing a new internship program that will be reproducible across America and around the world. We don’t want to limit God’s plan to the size of a campus or to a location in Texas. There are more young adults reaching out to us who can benefit from what our internship program can provide than we’ll ever be able to house locally in Dallas! Please keep Teen Mania in your prayers as we pursue and develop the new program God has planned.

As we reshape the internship program, we continue to hear from hundreds of churches whose youth are in need of our Extreme Camps. I am happy to say that we are continuing this program! Camps for the Summer of 2015 are now in the process of being developed and more details will be released soon.

RESILIENT: Bounce Back Stronger—No Matter What Knocks You Down
In September, we released a new book called RESILIENT through our partners at Charisma House Publishers. We have been blessed to receive many positive reviews. We are also very excited to be able to share with you an article, based on RESILIENT, that was published recently on called, How to Stand Strong When Your World Comes Crashing Down.

In RESILIENT, I ask and address these, and other, difficult questions:

“What do we do as Christians when circumstances careen out of control, and we no longer understand what is going on? As followers of Christ, how do we react when the confidence we have in our faith is shaken? What happens when our theology and what we believe about God is called into question in a moment’s time? How do we develop the backbone of steel needed to take us through these times?”

If you’re interested, you’ll find the link to the Charisma Magazine article, as well as numerous endorsements from today’s faith leaders. You can also purchase a copy on this site, if you wish. Incidentally, during the course of conducting interviews for the release, TBN was so excited about the project that they have recently announced their intention to create a 13-part series about the book! Great is God’s faithfulness!

Continued Prayers
I am blessed to know that you, and so many other alums, are praying for Teen Mania. The changes that are emerging are the fruit of your prayers. Please continue to pray for the ministry, for our team members, both in the office and on the road, and especially for Katie and me. God is, indeed, teaching us all to become more resilient day by day. God is using the challenges we face to refine us into the people He wants us to be. He doesn’t just care about what we do; God cares about who we’ve been, who we are, and who we are to become.

There is still so much to be done to reach the young people here in America and around the world. We have never expected the pursuit of this dream to be easy. I don’t know anyone in ministry who would say that it is. Perhaps you are experiencing this firsthand, as well. If so, please let me encourage you in whatever God has put in your heart—keep your focus on it—don’t look to the left or to the right. Don’t get distracted by the things of this world and don’t get distracted by the naysayers and those who say you can’t do it. Together, let’s agree to keep our eyes on Jesus and persevere in our callings.

Final Thoughts and Exciting News
In the coming weeks, we’ll be able to bring you some very exciting news that we’ll be sharing with the world. We are very encouraged about how God continues to open new doors for us. I hope many of you will want to join us in this exciting ministry opportunity. More details soon!

Stay Involved
I want to thank the hundreds of alumni who have approached me— either online or when they see me in person—asking what they can do to help Teen Mania.

  • First: I ask that you continue to pray, as I have mentioned already.
  • Second: Share your story about what the Lord did in your life during your internship years. I’ve heard hundreds, if not thousands, of tremendous stories about incredible experiences alums had with God through Teen Mania. Others will be blessed and encouraged by your words!

I am always excited to receive updates from you and to hear about all the ways the Lord is using you for His glory. I would love to hear from you directly. Please let me know how I can pray for you specifically. You can write me I would also love to see you when I am on the road. Please feel free to come say hello and let me know what is happening in your life. I’d love to pray with you and for you! God bless you.

Still Consumed by the Call,