About the Teen Mania Alumni Association

Who are we?

This is an association of Alumni, by Alumni, for Alumni. The association leadership is made up of a six member board. In the future we will likely add a six member advisory council. Board and council members are required to be Teen Mania program alumni. Here are the current board members: Nathanael Ferguson is Executive Director, Mike Ciesiensky is Technical Director, Andrea (Duval) Hartstein is Outreach Director, Shauna (Shotton) Wortinger is Finance Director, Becky (Lunsford) Herring is Communications Director, and Jamie Jarman is Events Director.

Why Teen Mania Alumni and not Honor Academy Alumni?

Teen Mania Alumni is a broader and more inclusive term that will be applicable to program participants from all of Teen Mania’s eras whether they be from the Tulsa days, Leadership 20/20, or the various programs under the Honor Academy banner. Teen Mania Alumni encompasses Teen Mania Ministries and the new Teen Mania International.

Who is eligible for membership?

Teen Mania Alumni of all programs at least one year in length will be eligible for membership. We are also creating a provision for staff who technically are not Alumni of the internship or other such program. We are considering whether to open eligibility to future ATF Leadership Institute graduates. The board leans in favor but we’d love your input!

What will the membership dues cost?

We have not yet set the dues. We’re open to suggestions. There will probably be levels of dues such as annual, two year, three year, five year, and lifetime with a fee schedule set to incentivize purchasing long term membership.

Will Teen Mania run the Alumni Association?

No. We are a completely separate organization. However we are working with Teen Mania to create a formal relationship that will create value added benefits for Association members. We will operate in partnership with, but outside the control of, Teen Mania.

What are the benefits of membership?

Benefits of membership include the ability to create a profile page to share info with others, access to the alumni database to look up old friends and classmates, access to a jobs bank to post and find jobs, a continuously updated stream of quality, relevant content, a comprehensive list of Alumni in missions and ministry, access to Alumni-only mission trips, staying in the know with Teen Mania, and so much more!